Custom Street Legal Carts

Many Cities allow to drive your Golf Cart without a license plate. Palmetto Bay, Cutler Bay, Fisher Island, Key Biscayne residents need only to comply with safety accessories rules and register with the City.

Other Florida Cities need a 100% street legal golf cart and a license plate.

Street Legal Ready Golf Cart Requirements*

• Speeds between 21-25 mph
• Headlights
• Taillights
• Turn signals
• Brake lights
• Horn
• Hazard lights
• Seat Belts
• DOT Windshield
• Wiper
• Sideview mirrors
• DOT Reflectors
• SMV Triangle
• License Plate Holder with light

After the cart has all this equipment it will be street legal and ready to apply at DMV for a 2020 title. When the customer receives the title, they can get insurance and apply to buy a license plate at any Tag Agency and can drive in any Florida street marked 35 miles.