Upgrade your Golf Cart Speed

Upgrade your golf card speed - Miami Golf Car

Upgrade your golf card speed - Miami Golf Car

Electric Carts upgrade speed

13 to 17 mph

17 to 23 mph
$850 with new speed motor EZGO & CLUB CAR

13 to 25 Mph
$880 with new speed motor EZGO & CLUB CAR

13 to 30 mph

$1900 DC to AC converting kit 600 amp controller and sped motor

Gas Carts upgrade speed

Speed Gear  installation 13 to 25 Mph approximately

improve golf cart speed

One of the most common questions I receive is
“How can I make my golf cart faster”?

Well, there are many factors to take into consideration when deciding to make your cart faster, from what type of cart, to how much you want to spend. Most golf carts have a limit on the speed from the factory, and exceeding the limit can be costly.

Here are some options on how you can make your golf cart faster.

Let’s talk GAS carts first.

There are only a few ways to speed up your gas cart.
1. Adjust the Governor- This adjustment has a fine line before it causes the cart to run rich and start back firing.
2. Add High Speed Gears - This will add speed with an adjustment of the throttle cable, but again it has a fine line also.

Now for ELECTRIC carts.

We have a few more options for electric carts. They are as follows:
1. Upgrade to a Larger Controller- This option will allow you to gain a few more MPH over the factory speed.
2. Upgrade to a Larger Controller and Larger Motor- This option will substantially give you more speed and torque.
3. Add High Speed Gears to the Above Option- This will spin the tires and cause you to pop a wheelie!! WOW!! With that being said, this is the most costly option.

Golf has become a multi-sport, golf and racing.

It is important to remember that the faster you go, the more likely it is that something messes up.

My experience with speeding up carts is this: It is awesome to have a cart that will rock, and of course you will be the talk at the clubhouse, but you will also be the talk for sure if you or your kids get hurt on that thing. It is important to have a professional adjust your cart, especially when increasing speed.

I am always willing to sell and install all options for my customers, but I will always be honest about the pros and cons and share my experience along the way. As always, we are appreciative of our customers and value their trust.